Government House

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Government House  Halifax, NS

Province of Nova Scotia

Constructed in 1800, Government House is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor Nova Scotia. The project consisted of major replacement of stone veneer, repairs to the backing walls, grouting voids, repairs to rotted structural members, roofing, flashing, window repairs and reconstructing the moat wall.


In 1993, there were grave concerns about overstress in the heavy timber roof framing and chimneys and the severe deterioration of the moat walls. Temporary shoring was installed in the moat to prevent collapse while contract documents being prepared for tender.This portion of the project was tendered and completed in 1995. Also in 1993, the Department's carpenters were assigned to us. Working without structural engineers, we reinforced the framing and replaced rotted components in two trusses in accordance with well-accepted conservation principles. This project also involved the restoration of the exterior sandstone masonry, with stone consolidation taking place in the fall of 1998. The landscaping and new canopy have since been completed.



1997 Lieutenant Governor's Design Award for Architecture (Citation)