Hornell Centre

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Hornell Centre  14 Wing Greenwood, NS

Department of National Defence

The existing Hornell Center is located in a classified area on 14 Wing’s operational-side. The Centre provides operational support and training for the Aurora Aircraft fleet: all Canadian air crews, navigation and technical personnel posted to the Aurora Fleet are trained in this facility. The existing Centre was constructed in 1979 and is approximately 14,000 m² in area on two floors. A major renovation and addition to is planned for expanded operations and department consolidation.

The project reached the end of the schematic phase at which point it was deemed too expensive to recapitalize the existing building. The scope of work changed to explore the construction of a completely new building and is now entering the design development phase. The new building will be 11,600 m² on three levels and will contain 17 classrooms, several training areas for aircraft maintenance, a theatre, post disaster office space for Wing Operations, office for the 404 Squadron (Maritime Patrol and Training) and 14 SES (Software Engineering Squadron), cafeteria and lounge facilities.

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