Roy Building

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Roy Building  Halifax, NS

Starfish Properties

The project entails the demolition of three existing buildings on a downtime Halifax site: the Roy building and two smaller buildings. The new structure will comprise a six storey base building, filling the site and rising to a height of the existing Roy building parapet, with a ten storey tower above. The base building will replicate the original 1928 Roy building design as closely as possible, with fenestration on the upper facade vertically proportioned, and recessed entrances and storefronts at street level. The tower portion of the development introduces an entirely new element on the site. The facade treatment of the tower is handled in two distinct ways: the east and south elevations are treated with undulating articulated aluminium curtain wall; the north and west elevations will be brick clad - for building code reasons - with a fenestration pattern similar to the neighboring Johnston Building.