Building Conservation

DSRA’s Building Conservation group is founded on a deep appreciation of our built environment and shared architectural heritage. We understand the inherent economic and environmental value of rejuvenating older building stock.

Our Building Conservation group is led by Principal and Director of Building Conservation, Graeme Duffus. Graeme brings over 40 years of wisdom and experience to bear on envelope problem solving. Our conservation group remains at the forefront of industry-leading knowledge and practice in the building conservation field, holding memberships to the Association for Preservation Technology International (APTI) and the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP).

Philosophy -- Older complex envelope systems require in-depth architectural wisdom, innovative thinking, and up-to-date building science knowledge to find the most practical and cost effective solutions. Our extensive level of services in the conservation of buildings includes stabilization, rehabilitation, and restoration. Whether carefully conserving the historical character of a heritage property, adapting an existing structure to suit contemporary needs, or completely renewing a building envelope to improve energy performance – we understand how the contributions of the past and present pay dividends into the future.