Our Team

DSRA is an open studio environment, promoting collaborative and innovative spirit.

We are composed of architects, engineers, technical designers and artists practicing architecture within an integrated design model. Each day we distinguish ourselves by the ideas we promote and the values we hold. We place a premium on listening, design innovation, and creative problem solving. We have earned a reputation of service excellence on a broad range of building types and scales.

Our distinctive and reliable performance is well reflected by our many long standing clients - some more than 50 years - who continue to turn to us for our smart and practical solutions to building design. We deliver the service our clients expect.

It's the strong individuals at DSRA that make us unique; collectively we are students, teachers, and leaders in our profession. Together we strive to be the best at what we do.

Peter Connell

Principal Architect, Managing Director

Ehtesham Ali

Principal, Operations Director

Graeme Duffus

Principal Emeritus

Ghazal Fateh

Senior Associate/ Senior Architect

Andrew Gray

Senior Associate, Senior Architect

Lena Lugovaya

Senior Associate, Proposal Manager

Enas Ahmed

Intern Architect

Aya Elgendi

Student Architect

Diego Eslava

Associate, BIM Architectural Specialist

Xiaoming Gao

Intern Architect

Lilian Ho

Intern Architect

Lubov Leonova

Administrative Assistant

Oleh Merzlyka

Associate, Senior Technical Designer

Alexey Nikonov

Senior Designer